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A New Leaf Therapy is proud to offer skills-based group therapy. We use a DBT framework to increase skilled behavior. DBT groups are an excellent option to treat those with mental health concerns that affect cognitive, behavioral, and emotional well-being. Those with suicidality, borderline personality disorder, and substance abuse disorder can greatly benefit from our DBT groups and are strongly encouraged to join us.

We do not bill insurance for skill groups because they fall into a "non-therapy" category that is closer to psycho-education and/or coaching.  We understand that budgets are tight and it is frustrating to navigate insurance services.  However, we have chosen this with an acute understanding of the challenges of complex insurance billing and the ethics involved. We do not provide a code for them to be billed out of network because our groups are not "therapy" or "process" the way that insurance understands. 

Group Skills Class: About Me
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