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Emily Star


Emily (she/her/hers) is a Licensed Masters Social Worker with a MSW from the University of Maryland, Baltimore, where she concentrated in Clinical – Behavioral Health and received a Behavioral Health Workforce Integration Service and Education (BHWISE) fellowship. Emily has seen clients in outpatient settings for assistance in managing stressors, developing healthy relationships and boundaries, and addressing challenges related to depression, anxiety, mood disorders, negative self-talk, and body image concerns.

Emily believes strongly in using a strengths-based, blended approach that incorporates tools from Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Acceptance & Commitment Therapy. Since 2011, Emily has taught yoga and meditation to adults and children in schools and studios, as well as one on one in her students’ homes. The emphasis on compassion and routine at the heart of these practices deeply informs how she meets therapy clients where they are, and helps them find the next small, doable steps – one at a time – towards steadiness. She is skilled in finding individualized somatic (aka body-based) practices that resonate with her clients, can be well-integrated into their day to day, and that aid in emotion regulation and building self-awareness – all of which may help clients “turn the volume down” on symptoms of anxiety, depression, and pain in particular. She is able to demystify mindfulness and breathing exercises for skeptics through simple explanations of the neurobiological processes involved.
Emily has a particular interest in supporting adolescents and young adults who are going through life transitions (such as career and relationship changes), or are exploring their needs, goals, and identities. She is LGBTQ+ affirming, and believes that all people are deserving of support and culturally-sensitive care. She is experienced in working with clients who have past traumas that are still infringing on their everyday lives, and currently sees adolescents and adults at ANLT.

Emily Star: Service
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