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About A New Leaf Therapy

Striving for research based outcomes

Grace Santo Nyblade has been using DBT for over 7 years. Our office strives to be on the forefront of research and treatment protocols. We often joke that, if research comes out that wearing purple will cure depression, we would all get new wardrobes.

As of 2018, our team has new staff working on DBT certification and is the only place in Maryland to be intensively trained in RO-DBT out of the U.K. We are very excited to bring RO to Maryland. More information on that program will be posted soon.

We work closely with parents, psychiatrists, nutritionists, and schools to ensure that our clients get support in all of their settings. This also ensures that all of the adults are looking out for symptoms and safety.

A 360-degree view will mean better outcomes for every client.

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